“"Sightseeing," a gritty, waltz-time ballad that rocks with a whiskey-soaked swagger that makes me think they were trying to capture a "Rolling Stones jamming with Skynyrd at 4 in the morning" vibe.” - Ed Masley, AZCentral (11/03/2017)
“This new tune is a timely, driving, politically charged song.” - Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music (07/13/2017)
“Unlike some bands that crossover genres, Mill's End does it absolutely seamlessly. The alt country, blues, rock, folk and Americana vibe ranging from track to track, is an absolute dream to listen to." - Frank Ippolito, Yab Yum Music and Arts (02/13/2014)
“Mill’s End has an Americana meets Blue Rock on the way to a bar fight kind of sound that’s always made me think, this is music cowboys SHOULD party to." - Mitchell L. Hillman, Sounds Around Town (06/28/2017)
“Jeff and the guys of Mill’s End just want to kick back, have a beer or two, and play some good old hometown soul rock.” - Dani Cutler, KWSS 93.9FM (12/08/2017)
“Mill’s End, when experienced live, brings a powerhouse element to the sounds of a fully engaged jam session.” - Song River, Yab Yum Music & Arts (11/09/2015)