“If simple, effective, and easy-listening rock-n-roll is your thing, these guys are for you.” - Darren Lamb, Not Another Music Blog (07/25/2016)
“It's their first release since "Monkey" hit the streets back in 2012 and even though it's only four songs, it was definitely worth the wait.” - Ed Masley, AZRepublic (01/06/2016)
“Mill’s End, when experienced live, brings a powerhouse element to the sounds of a fully engaged jam session.” - Song River, Yab Yum (11/19/2015)
"Say this is my favorite vocal by Jeff Bump to date, and that's because it's part Southern-fried rock and part Jayhawks. Mill's End is Mike Eckert (drums), Geoff Butzine (bass), Jeff Bump (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and Keith Perillo (lead guitar, vocals). There's not a moment of this song that lets you down, whether it's the killer guitar, the aforementioned singing, or just the rousing energy that they present here.” - Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times (11/12/2015)